Best Ways to Display Your Vinyl Collection

April 3, 2024

Vinyl records are not just about the music; they’re also works of art that you want to proudly display in your home. Whether you’re a seasoned vinyl enthusiast or just starting to build your collection, the way you showcase your records can be a fantastic addition to any space. In this article, we’ll explore different ideas for stylishly showcasing your custom-made vinyl records and the rest of your collection.

Wall Shelves or Brackets

Wall shelves are a classic choice for displaying vinyl records. They come in various styles and materials, offering endless possibilities to customize your display. Whether you opt for floating shelves for a minimalist look or sturdy brackets for an industrial vibe, wall shelves provide a versatile and space-saving solution for showcasing your favorite albums. As a tip, if you want to display both the record sleeve and the vinyl itself on your wall, these wall brackets from Record Props are a great option.

Wall Crates

For a more rustic and informal vibe, consider opting for wall crates as a display option for your vinyl collection. These wooden crates add a touch of vintage charm to any space and are perfect for enthusiasts of a bohemian or retro aesthetic. You can mount the crates on the wall in various ways, such as directly attaching them or stacking them for a playful effect. Additionally, you can paint the crates in various colors or leave them natural for a more organic look. Arrange them in a pattern or group them together for an organized and artistic presentation. Feel free to take a visit to our Vinylify store at Overtoom 228 in the heart of Amsterdam or check out this video to see how we did it!

Storage display

A specially designed vinyl cabinet is a great option for those who want to display their record collection in an organized and easily accessible way. These cabinets typically feature special slots or shelves to keep your records upright, making them visible while remaining neatly organized. Additionally, vinyl cabinets often provide extra storage space for accessories such as turntables and record sleeves.

At Vinylify, we have a passion for customizing vinyl records. A stylish cabinet that appeals to us is the custom-made displays from Ophon. These can be fully customized according to your preferences and are made specifically for you. An alternative that is easier to move is, for example, this freestanding display for showcasing and storing your record collection.

Display Stand

A freestanding display stand is an excellent choice for those who want to present their record collection as a true centerpiece. These stands come in various styles, ranging from sleek metal frames to elegant wooden constructions, providing a striking way to exhibit your favorite albums. Furthermore, they are easy to move, allowing you to showcase your collection in any room.

Wall Frame

For an artistic and decorative approach to showcasing your record collection, you may consider placing them in wall frames. These frames from ‘Art of Records’ are specially designed to securely hold vinyl records while hanging on the wall, creating a striking visual element in any room. Furthermore, by choosing different frame styles and colors, you can create a unique gallery wall that reflects your personal taste. Another option for our 10” custom vinyl records are these frames, where you can choose the type of frame that surrounds them yourself.

Whether you choose wall shelves, wall crates, a vinyl record display, a display stand, or wall frames, there are countless ways to creatively and stylishly exhibit your record collection. Be inspired by these ideas and create a showcase that not only reflects your love for music but also adds a beautiful touch to your interior.

Do you want to expand your display at home in a unique way? Why not create your own custom vinyl record to add to the display, featuring your own artwork and music.

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Written by: Vinylify