Unleash Your Sound on Vinyl | Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • Participation in the promotion is free of charge. You only have to attend ADE LAB on one of the four days with a valid ticket.
  • Participation is concluded when personal information and music have been submitted on-site at the Lab living area.
  • This record may not be exchanged for cash or any other product.
  • Participants should provide correct and complete information. If the participant does not comply, their entry will be excluded from selection.
  • Personal information and music obtained for this promotion will not be shared with external or third parties.
  • Participants should have the rights to the music they want us to cut on vinyl.
  • The promotion ends on the 21st of October at 12:00 (CET). Winning participants will be notified on October 21st at the latest via email or phone and are to respond within 48 hours to claim their prize. After 48 hours, the winning participant forfeits their prize, and the organizers have the right to appoint another winner. Prizes will be awarded on the final day (Saturday, October 21st) at ADE Lab or shipped to their homes after ADE.
  • This promotion is organized by Vinylify in partnership with Amsterdam Dance Event. Related staff and employees are excluded from participating in this promotion.
  • The organizers are in no way liable for damages, direct and/or indirect, resulting from participation in the promotion nor for any technical malfunctions, failures, or delays in the promotion or designation of the winners.
  • For questions/complaints, you can contact us at info@vinylify.com.
  • By participating in this promotion, you accept the terms and conditions of this promotion.

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