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Vinylify makes personalized vinyl records on demand. You decide what music you want on your record and create your own cover art. We cut, label, package and deliver your vinyl to your door so you can start spinning.

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Upload your music files

We mail your Vinyl record to you


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We mail your Vinyl record to you


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All our vinyl is cut by hand in the Vinylify store in Amsterdam (Overtoom 228). Our cutting machines date back to the eighties and were developed by a German engineer that loves vinyl as much as we do. Using a combination of a technics 1210 MK2 turntable, vinyl recorder and an audio rack that converts the digital sound into analog, we make sure the output sounds great on vinyl. If you have any technical questions about our equipment and how it works, email us on

Of course, you are always welcome to come by the store. Just let us know when, and one of our specialists will run you through the process.

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About Us

Vinylify is a startup created by venture studio Bored of Advisors, which came about when listening to the crackling sound of golden oldies, on vinyl, from the office jukebox. The classics are great, but how cool would it be to put the same tracks you usually stream, in the jukebox too? There are almost 20 million tracks available online, so why not on vinyl? That’s when our search started.

We’ve been working with artists and labels, to offer consumers a choice from our growing catalog, with royalties going to all the rights holders per song.

With a personalized album cover and an online platform where customers could choose or upload their own music, and design their covers, we had a concept. We found a way of making custom vinyl an option to all.

Create your record


Frequently Asked Questions

One personalized vinyl will cost you 60 euros. Including your unique album cover and the labeling of your record and excluding shipping costs. 
You can pay using iDeal or PayPal.
 It will take between 3-4 weeks before your record arrives. Creating personalized vinyl from scratch takes time. Your vinyl has to be cut using a manual process, which is constantly supervised. Your album cover and record label need to be printed and assembled in a tidy, attractive and safe package. We will email you with an update when you record is on the way.
Sure, why not! Shipping costs and lead times will still apply though. All our vinyl is cut by hand in our store in Amsterdam (Overtoom 228). If you prefer to pick it up, pop us an email so we can plan in a meet up and make sure your record is ready to go.
 Yip, on the your details page there is an option to choose a different shipping address.
We deliver to all countries worldwide. The shipping price within the EU is € 8,86 and outside of the EU is € 16,07. Local shipping within the Netherlands is € 3,50. The delivery times differ per country. 
All our records are 10 inches (diameter: 25.4 cm). That way they fit in the post box.
 You can upload 10 minutes of music on each side of your vinyl, so a total of 20 minutes of music.
 The higher the quality of the music and the images you upload the better the result will be. For images we recommend a high-resolution jpeg or png (minimum 1024×1024). For music, using mastered music is the best option, either mp3 (minimum 128kbps, for best results 320kbps), flac or wav files (high bitrate).
No, music rights apply! We can only cut music to vinyl if you have permission from the original owner/rights holder of the music (master rights). For a more detailed overview of how we go about music rights please refer to our terms and conditions.
 Yes, great idea! It’s definitely possible. You just need to double check with the artist if they are happy with you using their music. Usually this isn’t a problem when the gift is for the actual artist. If you want us to deliver the record directly to him/her, put their address down as the shipping address.
 The overall sound will be warmer and rounder, due to the light friction of the record player’s stylus against the grooves. The bass frequencies will be slightly deeper and more present. Very low volume sound will not transfer into the vinyl as clearly, but this can be fixed either on your end by mastering the file, or we can boost the overall volume if needed.
Let us know! We do quality checks throughout the process but everything is done by hand so there is always a chance something can go wrong.
Send a photo and brief description of the damage done to so we can have a look and see what went wrong. No need to send this record back to us; there are many creative uses for vinyl, so search for arts and crafts for vinyl records and have fun.
Unfortunately, we can’t give discounts based on volume. All of our records are cut, tested and packaged by hand, so regardless of the quantity the same time goes into making sure each looks and sounds awesome. Checkout this you YouTube video on How its done.
 Of course! We can hook you up with a gift voucher that includes a unique code and will enable the people you give it to, to create their own record online for free. The voucher will cover both the cost of the record and shipping. To purchase a gift voucher click here


What you get for what price and when

One personalized 10-inch vinyl will cost you 60 euros. This includes your unique album cover and labeling of your record and excludes shipping costs. Keep in mind that shipping costs vary per country selected.

All our records are cut by hand, so it will take between 3-4 weeks before your record arrives. Of course we will make sure your record looks and sounds great so it will definitely be worth the wait!

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Records made by Vinylify

Us - Gift vinyl

Us gift vinyl

Created by: Daniel Rath

Axwell ^ Ingrosso - Vinyl Record

Axwell ^ Ingrosso

Created by: Alda Events

Time Machine custom vinyl

Time Machine

Created by: D.A. Wallach

Riot on the Dancefloor

Riot on the dance floor

Created by: Steve Tozzi

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If you have any questions just shout – see our contact details below

Overtoom 228
1054 HZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel +31 20 233 5138