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General questions

One personalized record will cost you 99 euros. This price includes production, testing, and world-wide shipping.

Your record will be 10 inches (diameter: 25.4 cm). 

At the moment we only cut 10 inch records.

You can upload a maximum of 10 minutes of music on each side of your record. That’s a total of 20 minutes of music. Tracks don’t all fit? Make two records, a part 1 & part 2.

Currently we have black, white and transparent vinyl available.

Our records are cut at 33 RPM.

No, music rights apply! We can only cut music to vinyl if you have permission from the original owner/rights holder of the music (master rights). Our catalog also includes music for which master rights have already been cleared from Artists/Labels, which caters for those who don’t actually own music but want to make a record. Keep in mind that audio is not limited to music, voice notes are also an option. For a more detailed overview regarding music rights please refer to our terms and conditions.

The higher the quality of the music and the images you upload the better the result will be. For images we recommend a high-resolution jpeg or png (minimum 2048×2048). For music, using mastered music is the best option, either mp3 (320kbps), flac or wav files (high bitrate). Do you have any further questions about creating the perfect vinyl? Check out our guidebook for more detailed information.

The overall sound will be warmer and rounder, due to the light friction of the record players stylus against the grooves. The bass frequencies will be slightly deeper and more present. Very low volume sound will not transfer into the vinyl as clearly, but this can be fixed either on your end by mastering the file, or we can boost the overall volume if needed.

If you have some slick design skills up your sleeve and want to make your design using a template. You can request our template and design brief via

Yes, we do offer a quantity discount:

1st Record: €99
2nd – 4th Record: €79
5th Record or more: €69

Shipping & delivery

We deliver to all countries worldwide, except North Korea.

It will take between 4-5 weeks before your record arrives. Creating personalized vinyl from scratch takes time. Your vinyl has to be cut using a manual process, which is constantly supervised. Your album cover and record label need to be printed and assembled in a tidy, attractive and safe package. We will email you with an update and tracking code when your record is on it’s way.

Yes, we do. Select the VIP Priority option at checkout (€50). Skip the queue and decrease your turnaround time to 2-3 weeksExpress shipping and production.

Of course! Just check the “Ship to different address” box and enter the recipient’s details when placing your order and we will take care of the rest.

Sure, why not! If you prefer to pick it up, send us an email so we can arrange a pick up, and make sure your record is ready to go.

Let us know! Each record is tested carefully by one of our sound specialists.

Everything is done by hand so there is always a small chance something can go wrong.

We protect your package against loss or damage during shipping with insurance. Send a photo and brief description of the damage done to so we can have a look and see what went wrong. No need to send this record back to us; there are many creative uses for vinyl, so search for arts and crafts for vinyl records and have fun.

Payment, Vouchers & Promotions

We have 3 payment options, choose the one that works best for you: PayPal, Credit Card or iDeal.

Yes, our website is SSL secured. This means that your personal information is encrypted and cannot be read by third parties.

Digital vouchers are available for €99. A physical voucher will cost you € 109. Both vouchers includes free worldwide shipping.

*The €99 (Digital voucher) and €109 (Physical voucher) covers all costs related to the end-product (custom Vinylify record).

You can insert your code at checkout before payment.

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